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We are a small group of paranormal investigators.With a medium and parapsychologist.We have some unique venues that take us to places sought after by many other paranormal groups.We go where others fear to tread.
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 Tell us your stories

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Hi hh293,

We have extended household members in our house.

Like your experiences we have had the tv turn on, doors open, two of my sons have seen at separate times two different apparitions. One of them seeing the same apparition on three occasions.

We've had stuff move around, mostly upstairs in the bedrooms, and one of my sons actually recorded a voice of a woman on his phone.

One of our dogs will at times suddenly just start starring at something that we can't see. I have regularly seen shapes move from out of the corner of my eye as well as seeing black shapes quickly move in front of me.

I smell all sorts of things, mostly very very pleasant things.

Went through a phase of suddenly feeling faint and as though someone / thing was trying or had passed through me.

All of these things happening with the exception of the feeling of being dragged by my ankles down the bed. I have to say have never unnerved us to ever want to give the house up.

The house has a lovely feeling, and we have never felt at risk from any of our extended members.

I can live happily like that. Don't think the house would feel the same without them.

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Tell us your stories
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