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We are a small group of paranormal investigators.With a medium and parapsychologist.We have some unique venues that take us to places sought after by many other paranormal groups.We go where others fear to tread.
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 Have You Seen A Ghost

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PostSubject: Have You Seen A Ghost   Have You Seen A Ghost Icon_minitimeMon Mar 24, 2008 2:11 pm

Many people see what they call ghosts,and quite often their reaction is fright,some are mystified,others intrigued,but virtually no one ignores them,although some might deny the experience.

There are two types of ghosts one is a form of spontaneous phenomena commonly called a ghost or spectre,the other is the intelligent manifestation in the form of someone who lived on Earth but now exists in the realms of spirit.The latter cannot be called a ghost once the facts are known.When people die the spirit seperates from the physical body which is either interred or cremated so this type of manifestation is not a physical body but an etheric duplicate of it which still exists.It is a spirit entity.

Many scientists accept the brain waves emit an electrical field which can have an effect on the surroundings.This is made in much the same way as a camera records a scene or person by mechanical and chemical means on a film.KIRLIAN Photography shows clearly this electrical field still exists after the subject has decayed and been removed.This is nothing to do with the spirit self but is a biological phenomenon.A ghost is rather like a photographic record which is not always visible,often it is only sensitive people who can see it.Thus the same scene is seen over and over again in the same spot.There are thousands of recordings of this type of phenomenon.Sometimes those who see such an image get upset thinking that the people concerned are trapped into doing the thing over and over again.This is not true,the real people their spirit selves have moved on after death into a new dimension of life.

A spirit entity is different,when the time of death comes the spirit and the physical body part company the spirit now manifests in an etheric body going on to a new life in a different dimension to our material world the lifeless body will be left on Earth.Feelings and memories are retained by the spirit which goes on mainly unchanged.The love we have for others does not die,neither do hates,hopes,ideas or prejudices.It is the same person but existing in a dimension not usually visible to the human eye.

Sometimes when a person goes into the spirit world and leaves behind some matters that still seem to be of vital importance,they will make every effort to covey this to others who are still living on Earth.The most frequent sightings which people have of those passed on are within days of their death.There are various theories about this but perhaps during the first two or three days is the easiest time for the spirit to appear in the Earths dimension.Usually it is for this purpose of saying a silent goodbye,or to let someone know they have passed on.Perhaps to reassure them that they still exist.So it is easy to see that ghosts are not necessarily evil and seldom mean no harm.

The difference between the two types of apparition is that one is a memory imprinted onto a specific part of the earths energy field, and the other is the spirit of somebody who is now living a new life but still has what they consider to be important ties with the Earth. The first will show from time to time but the behaviour does not vary.The second will either show themselves to particular people that they remember wherever they are or to anyone that can see them.The latter is usually in the vicinity of where they live or where they worked.This also means that this type of spirit can travel.

The first thing to do if you have an experience is to identify which type of manifestation you have witnessed.The former can be very frightening but is not likley to recur unless you live or work in the vacinity where the manifestation takes place.As there is no intelligence or intent behind the appearancethere is little that you can do.,aphotographic imprint exists it will not disappear just because the person looking at it does not like the experience.

The second type of manifestation need to be considered more closely.If the spirit has returned to covey a farewell or just to be with you at a time when you may need their presence just remember the love which you previously shared.The memory will be felt by your loved one who will be warmed by the recipocal thought.

It may be none of these examples and the spirit is being held close to the Earth by thoughts of something left unattended to perhaps trivial but important to them..

We know that the dimension of life after death is a continuation of this life.Sometimes this contiuation is so natural that the spirit does not realise that they have died.this can and does cause all kinds of problems when investigating haunted locations where spirit are trying their hardest to communicate to covey what they would like us to know.But this is where trained mediumd hold the key to pandoras box.Some spirits are quite happy to convey a message and move on others are bound by their personalities to stay with us forever.
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Have You Seen A Ghost
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