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 History of the dungeon

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History of the dungeon Empty
PostSubject: History of the dungeon   History of the dungeon Icon_minitimeTue Feb 12, 2008 10:53 pm

This horror theme park situated on Londonís South Bank gives visitors the opportunity to explore the darker side of British and European history. The London Dungeon, which opened in 1975, is a creepy recreation of many of historyís most gruesome events. Visitors can go on various themed rides, which are based around historical murders and executions; they can explore the streets of Victorian London that were home to the serial killer Jack the Ripper, relive the Great Fire of London and take a barge down the River Thames to Traitors Gate, where they are sentenced to death by an 18th-century judge. The London Dungeons are patrolled by scary characters, dressed in gruesome costumes, who wait in dark corners and jump out at unsuspecting tourists.
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History of the dungeon
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