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 Getting in touch with your spirit guide exercise.

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Getting in touch with your spirit guide exercise. Empty
PostSubject: Getting in touch with your spirit guide exercise.   Getting in touch with your spirit guide exercise. Icon_minitimeMon Jun 23, 2008 2:47 pm

Everybody has guides that help you through your everyday lives but they can help you much further than you could imagine.Here is a technique that will help you connect with your guide or guides. That is right some people have more than one guide.


Some people call them guides,gardian angels, inner self,or higher self.

Find a place where you will feel cofortable and will not be disturbed.Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful place of light and sound.As you breathe slowly and deeply,imagine a bridge leading to this place and see yourself walking on you reach the end of the bridge you are surrounded by light,colour and sound.Take time to explore feeling of this place and listen to the sounds and how you feel.Do you feel calm and relaxed.Now imagine a mirror which you want to walk up to.this is a full lenght mirror as you look into the mirror you see yourself but this ir the real you,the ideal you,the magical you,this is your inner guide.Do not worry if ti does not look anything like you as you are seeing your true self.To you amazment your inner guide steps out of the mirror and stands in front of you saying in a kind and gentle voice,I am the most creative part of you i see what you do not.How can i help you?
Now you sit down with your guide.You may want to know specific details to certain problems or about a person you are dealing with.Ask what lies listen to what your guide has to saybut remember to take in everything what is being said aswell as the smells, sound and visions.Your guide will tell you that he or she will always be with you and as you spend more time together your bond will become stronger and more help to you.then your guide moves toward you and melts into you and you feel your true essence awakening.
your heart is filled with hope and you feel better than you have ever done so. You feel greater than before.When you leave take some of the things with you so you can remmeber them the sounds,visios,feelings or smells.Bring them back with you to help inspire your day to day life.Gradually open your eyes and make notes of anything that you can and want to hold onto.

In time you will no longer need to do all of this as with practice as soon as you start to relax and ask for you guide to come your guide will respond.You will learn to trust your guide the more you do this exercise and you should always trust your guide as it is your true self.Just as you do in every day life you will be able to learn your guides emotions and movements as you would a friend or relative.
The more you work with your guide the more you will realise that your psychic abilities are becoming stronger and are becoming part of your life.
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Getting in touch with your spirit guide exercise.
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