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 Clairsentient exercise

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Clairsentient exercise Empty
PostSubject: Clairsentient exercise   Clairsentient exercise Icon_minitimeMon Jun 23, 2008 11:27 am

Trying this exercise will help you discover your inner feelings and use them in your spiritual development.

Are you an emotional person.

Can you feel peoples moods.

Can you feel moods of locations.

Do you feel moods from objects.

Do you feel emotions in history or about friends or family.

Do you get gut instincts.

If you answered yes to one of these questions then you could be clairsentient.try this exercise to help you develop your claisentience.


Find a quiet place and sit or lay down in a comfortable position. Breathe deeply ans imagine you are a beautiful fish in the ocean. Enjoy the freedom as you glide through the water. Now imagine you to be one fish in a school of brightly coloured swim in rythmn with your group sense the mood and the changes of direction that you all swim in.But all of the time you are in perfect time with them all.
Now take this one step further and imagine that you can feel the mood of the whole ocean world. you automatically know where to feed and hide, play and swim where you will feel safe and know when harm is coming.
you will now feel in total harmony with your ocean world.

You could try this technique using birds.

Try this technique three times a week for a start then start to reduce it .

This will happen over time and at first you may only receive small amonts of what you would call claisentual effects but over a period of time you will discover how powerful clairsentience is.

Everybody has this abilty it is knowing how to use it to its full potential.
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Clairsentient exercise
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