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We are a small group of paranormal investigators.With a medium and parapsychologist.We have some unique venues that take us to places sought after by many other paranormal groups.We go where others fear to tread.
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 Ghosts of Tutbury

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Ghosts of Tutbury Empty
PostSubject: Ghosts of Tutbury   Ghosts of Tutbury Icon_minitimeMon Mar 31, 2008 12:33 am

Tutbury Castle's ghosts are too many in number to list here, but without exception they are all seen on a regular basis. Mary Queen of Scots, the castle's most famous spiritual resident, was seen by at least 40 people in 2004. Thinking it was Lesley Smith, the castle's curator, they were all shocked to learn that she wasn't on site, and there was no-one at all in that area. Visitors and staff also believe that it is Mary who is seen dressed in black, looking forlornly out of a window as they leave at night.

Other notorious hauntings include that of a little girl who likes to play with visitors' jewellery and clothing, a little boy who sits on the stairs and an old lady who appears at the first floor window. The most terrifying of Tutbury's ghosts though has to be a gigantic entity who many believe to be John of Gaunt, who likes to jump out at people, appearing as a large shadow and residing in the King's bedroom, the most infamous room in the Castle. So much paranormal activity occurs in the King's bedroom that it is often closed to the public. Hundreds of visitors have collapsed or been overwhelmed by the feeling of a presence in there and have fled, vowing never to return.
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Ghosts of Tutbury
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