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We are a small group of paranormal investigators.With a medium and parapsychologist.We have some unique venues that take us to places sought after by many other paranormal groups.We go where others fear to tread.
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 reports of this location

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PostSubject: reports of this location   reports of this location Icon_minitimeSun Mar 30, 2008 8:26 pm

Read all the things that happened on our investigation.
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PostSubject: Re: reports of this location   reports of this location Icon_minitimeThu Oct 29, 2009 7:00 pm

Woodchester Mansion

23rd October 2009.

We arrived at Worchester around 7:30pm where were met by the guides who would be looking after us for the night.
After travelling down a very long and bumpy road we arrived at the Mansion.
Before we started we took time out to take photos from the outside of the property.
We walked along a long corridor held up by scaffolding down to our safe room for the night where our guides were busy stoking up a real log fire

The group made our way to the first room we were to investigate where lee opened us up.

Hall & Billiard Room

We started by spreading around the room as it was extremely big, with some of the windows having panes of glass missing.
Almost straight away there was a strong smell of aftershave which was reported to smell slightly of soap, not long afterwards there was also the smell of cabbages.
Bex and Stella could feel breezes and also lights in front of them.
Lee who was standing on the other side of the room to Stella and Box commented that he could see three monks where they were standing.
Nigel stated that he could see a lot of people in the middle of the room dancing and moving about he described it to be a very old medieval style dance.
Not long after Nigel had mentioned this Emma J felt that she wanted to sing in an operatic voice, she was also starting to get anxious and kept bobbing up ad down as though she was curtseying.
We called out and a few stones were thrown and people starting to be touched around their backs and legs, while Trace mentioned that someone had touched her bottom,
At one point dogs were heard growling, this had also been mentioned outside when the photos were being taken.
Lee asked if anybody had any names to which William, George, Jacob, Harold and Leigh were mentioned.
At one point Tracey who was standing near one of the doorways collapsed to the floor she felt as though she was unable to breathe so she was taken out of the room.
This was to be the start of several channelling experiences.
While in the room whistling and footsteps were heard, while Laura & Claire heard sighing near them.
Lee felt the urge to cry and had to leave the room.
Nigel who had moved to where near Tracey had been went very silent, so a torch was turned on to reveal him standing with his hands in a fist shape on top of each other, he wasn’t able to talk to us as he had taken a vow of silence.
He came back to us but shortly afterwards was channelled again this time he stood at the top of the room, Lee went up to him to check that he was ok but every time he touched him it had a strange effect on him, around this time we were told that we weren’t safe in the room and that we had to leave as the soldiers were coming, Nigel then left the room with Lee following him.
We all left the room at this point as Lee called to us to follow him out.

We went for a break then carried on up to the second floor.

Second floor corridor

The next place we visited was the corridor on the second floor, we took care to where were walking as the floor was curved on each side with a flower pattern carved in the middle.
A lot of the ladies gathered at the top of the corridor in front of a big window while everyone else gathered round the sides with Nigel & Lee at the bottom end.
We called out and people started being touched.
Again the smell of aftershave was smelt.
Tracy & Sarah felt as though we all had to be very quiet, they could also see a figure walking up to all the ladies at the top of the corridor and inspecting them, they also mentioned that all the ladies were maids and were either waiting to be told what to do or being told off.
Tracey then mentioned that she was being patted on her back and legs.
At the other end of the room Trace, started to cry and was shouting “get it off me” several times she was holding her neck as if something was trying to strangle her, so she was taken downstairs back to the safe room.
Shortly afterwards Emma J started to feel agitated when she suddenly shouted “you shouldn’t be here” she started to move towards Nigel as he had joined the ladies at the top of the corridor, Emma went right up to him and again told him that he shouldn’t have been there and that he had to move, at first Nigel wouldn’t move but as Emma was getting more aggressive he moved back down the corridor.
Lee at this point had heard what was going on so he too came up to the top of the corridor and stood where Nigel had been, he spoke to Emma and again she told him he shouldn’t be there, he asked who she was to which her reply was “you know who I am” he then asked why he couldn’t be there and again she replied you know why.
Lee then told her that he would go upstairs to the next floor, and to effect him there, Emma didn’t like this so when he’d gone and she heard him upstairs she started charging down the corridor to go and find him, as Max was holding her hand she tried shaking her off, she managed to get halfway down the corridor to the stairs leading to the next floor before Dave (chunks) managed to hold her back, she carried on in this way until Lee had come back where she then started to go back to her original place when she suddenly stopped and looked at Max with a strange look on her face
We decided to bring her back at this point, she came back and told max that she was Emma but she also felt the need to tell her the date 1792.
We decided to end the vigil there and go onto the next room.


My apologises if I miss anything out here as I was only in the room for a short while.
I have been told by Claire that at one point Sarah & Trace were channelled and couldn’t stop laughing.
Footsteps were heard in the kitchen and stones were being thrown.
Outside in the corridor where a couple of the group had gathered a figure was seen walking at the far end.
We moved on to a room next to the kitchen, where Lee asked if anybody felt tired a lot of us answered yes and that we felt as though we could fall asleep, a lot of people started to yawn throughout our time in this room.
A few of us felt really cold and that there was a smell of cats wee, not long afterwards Emma J announced that she felt as though her leg was being weed on
Nat was sitting on a stone bench when she cried out that someone had given her a whack on the back, not long after it happened again but this time on her arm, she offered to swap with someone to see if the same thing would happen so Vix volunteered, she had just sat down when she was also whacked in the arm, we swapped persons again this time Max sat there, it didn’t happen to her but a stone was thrown and hit her shoe.
Nigel was startled at one point as he said something had touched him in a private area!
Sarah at the other end of the room mentioned that she was touched and again as like before upstairs she felt as though we were all making too much noise and had to be quiet.
The smell of aftershave again seemed to follow us.
Vix and a couple of other people went and stood down a corridor that was leading off from the room we were in, where they heard tapping noises.
We ended the vigil and went for a break.

Third floor corridor

We conducted our next vigil on the third floor corridor, again we all stood at the top end, with Angie feeling the need to go and stand by the window.
We called out, and shortly afterwards Angie said that something was scratching her hand.
Lee mentioned that he could see an orange light on Max and on the other side of the room Emma felt someone’s hand on her back.
Emma wanted to change places so we turned the torch on, this is when Angie saw that she had actually been scratched on her hand in the shape of a V.
Lee was channelled shortly afterwards by a friar by the name of Arthur, who said that he didn’t mean to do it and when asked what he told us that he had killed himself, the reason for this being that he had murdered a woman, he then went onto mention water and that he couldn’t breathe.
Tracey was also being channelled at the same time and was on the verge of collapsing.
Both Lee & Tracey were brought back to us so we ended the vigil and went for a break.

Ouija Board

After our short break we entered a room much like the Hall & billiard room
This room was completely empty apart from what appeared to be a stage and a table.
We pulled the table into the middle of the room and set up the Ouija Board.
Almost as soon as our fingers were placed on the planchette it started to move.
Lee asked if there was any spirits in the room with us to which it replied yes,
We then asked their name it replied with Hana, Lee mentioned that this wasn’t the correct way to spell it but Hana had other ideas and went on to say that it was, when we asked she also told us that she was Five years old.
Hana told us that there was nine other spirits in the room with us and that eight of them were maids.
We asked about the vicar and Hana told us that it was him who had scratched Angie’s hand she also mentioned that soldiers had drowned in the lake which later was found to be correct.
Trace asked Hana about the soldier called Rabbit, buts she didn’t seem to know much about him.
Around this time Laura had come to stand next to Max as she was feeling sick, she was leaning her head on Max’s arm when she looked up and asked whether Max had said “lets go in there” Max answered that she hadn’t although Laura swore that Max had.
Just before we left Lee asked Hana whether she would be able to show herself and where, Hana said she would and told us where she would be…..
We finished there and carried onto the next room.

As we were walking up the stairs Lee shouted “oh my god did anybody see that? “
None of us had seen anything so Lee explained that he had seen Hana pass as a flash of light at the top of the stairs.


We carried on up the stairs to the bathroom which was to be the next room we conducted a vigil in.
The room consisted of a bath with a little room off to the side which once held a shower.
Max and Angie stood in the shower room where they could feel the wooden decking moving slightly, Angie also felt a hand on her shoulder and tapping could be heard behind Max where the shower would once have been.
Meanwhile in the bathroom knocking could also be heard, also a few people were heard to be saying that they were being touched
At the bottom of the room Nigel stood in front of window near the shower, where he could see a tall bald man standing in front of him, this startled him and he was heard asking the man to move away and to go to someone else.
As time was getting on we decided to end the vigil there and carry onto the final room.

The Chapel

The chapel was a small room with a stone statue in the middle and small stone fonts on either side of the door.
Not long after we had entered the room a few people mentioned that their face’s felt really hot as though they were burning.
Emma J was fidgeting next to Max when she put her hand inside max’s hood as she did so she said that somebody had flicked it up.
Nigel was standing beside the door on the right hand side when he said he saw somebody enter the room go right through the middle and stand next to the people who were on the other side of the room.
We waited a couple of more minutes with nothing else seeming to happen so we all agreed to call it a night
We closed down and ventured back to the safe room to collect our things.


All in all it was a great place to investigate with a lot of information coming out.
A return visit would definitely be worthwhile as we felt as though a lot more activity could happen.
During our visit we would have liked to have investigated the stables which unfortunately we couldn’t find on our walk around the mansion, hopefully if we return we will be able to do this.

Venue rating: 8
Investigation rating: 7
Overall rating: 7 ½
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PostSubject: Re: reports of this location   reports of this location Icon_minitimeThu Oct 29, 2009 7:01 pm

Good report Max

if anyone else has anything to add before we add it to site then plase do so.
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reports of this location
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