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We are a small group of paranormal investigators.With a medium and parapsychologist.We have some unique venues that take us to places sought after by many other paranormal groups.We go where others fear to tread.
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 Ghosts of the knoll

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Ghosts of the knoll Empty
PostSubject: Ghosts of the knoll   Ghosts of the knoll Icon_minitimeMon Mar 17, 2008 12:24 am

Lots of things have been heard around this building.footsteps are heard and there is a nasty presence felt in the cellars.Some people have reported as if they are being moved when standing or sitting still and others have said that they have felt as if an unseen person has got into bed with them at night.
Screams have been heard.
A young girl has been seen looking over the balcony on the stairs.

Static electricity has been reported when people walk into certain rooms as if being given an electric shock.
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Ghosts of the knoll
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