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We are a small group of paranormal investigators.With a medium and parapsychologist.We have some unique venues that take us to places sought after by many other paranormal groups.We go where others fear to tread.
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 Reports on this Location

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PostSubject: Reports on this Location   Reports on this Location Icon_minitimeMon Feb 18, 2008 12:16 am


We started in the room next to the kitchen, were Lee opened the group up and immediately Lee felt as we shouldnít be there and he was instantly drawn to the other side of the nursery.


When we entered this room for the first time it felt hotter than the others and there was a strong smell of baby sick (I know you may think well itís a babyís room) but it was a really strong smell and no one had been in there since the day before.Sarahs breathing change in here with shortness of breath and coughing so we wondered if there was ever a fire here. Also Kiera Lee felt light headed so much so Kiera and to be helped to the floor.


Lee saw two girls playing in this room; one was wearing a ballerina type dress aged to be around five years old. When Sarah asked she came out with the name Lucy. The second little girl we knew was called Emily. Whilst standing in that room in the doorway of the babyís room stood a large tall figure.


We sat on the floor, except for Dawn she sat in a chair near the window and Lee was sitting on a step in the doorway. As Lee sat there he made sure the door was closed shut but whilst sitting there the door behind opened with enough force to tip him backwards. Carl decided to lie down at the back of the room near the babyís cots, after a time he went very quiet and when asked how he felt he replied that he could see a little girl on a swing, just after that a stone was thrown down near him and he scuttled across the room. Straight after that, a stone was thrown at Dawn, Kiera and Sarah then started laughing hysterically for about 20 minutes, every time a stone was thrown Val felt a cool breeze come shooting by, and then there laughing grew louder and when asked if they were responsible for throwing them they laughed even more. The laughing was likened to that of little girls.Kiera lay down on the floor as she said she felt very tired now. Nigel was sitting hunched up during this period and spoke very quietly, he said Iím me, and leave me alone, he was definitely not himself. Nigel said to Carl ďcan you go and get me the key to let me outĒ, it was as though he was in shackles. Nigel picked up a book and then threw it a Carl which really freaked him out and he left the room, only to come back in shaking. As more stones were thrown Kiera and Sarah continued with there hysterical laughter. A short time later Sarah decided to lie down on the floor saying the same words as Kiera had said ďIím really tired nowĒ. But still continued to laugh. Jaye really started to fell anxious at this moment and was saying she really didnít like it in there, as she felt it was really going to kick off. Another stone was thrown and they started to laugh again only this time they made a horse kind of laugh both at the same time, which was very weird. Nigel kept saying will you shut up but Sarah kept reply no you shut up, very child like.
Lee decided that enough was enough and it was time to leave the room but Sarah was channelled in deep and couldnít be lifted up after she came too, she sat down again crying and had to be helped outside for some air. After that she was taken into the kitchen and when she came around properly she couldnít remember anything except crying uncontrollably and her leg was shaking.


We decided to have a break from the nursery and went behind the Manor Pub where this moat land lies.Theres a large stone still standing in the middle so Lee, Jaye, Val, Nigel, Ash, Carl and Sarah did a sťance, Jaye felt powerful and strong as Lee did also. Nigel, Ash and Carl felt as though they were being watched from the bushes and were not happy about us being there. Lee got channelled and he looked like an old man with a hunched back with evil eyes, he reminded us of a caveman with his stance and did this strange ritual with his arms and hands and grunted this is my land.


We didnít spend along time upstairs as it was very hot up there; a few of us saw a shadow at the doorway. Lee wasnít feeling very comfortable upstairs so we decided to go back down stairs. As we left the room Nigelís legs gave way and he had a feeling of being drunk and had to be helped down the stairs.

This was the room we first started in, we decided to do a glass sťance in this room and we were amazed with the results we received. There was violent movement with the glass across the table and it was also very precise. It confirmed it was a male and his name was Albert. He told us there was 7 spirits there with us that night; he confirmed there were 2 little girls there with us one called Lucy aged 8 and one called Emily age 9, these numbers were the exact numbers lee came out with as soon as we entered the room. When asked where in the room they were standing Emily went straight to Sarah and Lucy went straight to Kiera, which explained the earlier activity in the babyís room. We confirmed Emily lost her life by being pushed down the stairs at the Manor by his brother John. During the sťance figures and movement were spotted in the door way by Lee and Carl.

Well when we decide to visit this lovely childrenís nursery little did we know we would experience so much activity in one place. We are pleased to say we have been asked to go back and I for one like all the others who visited Fairytales that night canít wait to go again.
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Reports on this Location
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