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 History of the House

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History of the House Empty
PostSubject: History of the House   History of the House Icon_minitimeSun Feb 17, 2008 12:17 pm

Wygstons house stands in Applegate but this is a recent name for the street.In medieval times it formed part of the high street.This part of Leicester declined after the middle ages as the commercial centre of the town shifted towards gallowtree gate.The modern high street was also known as the swinesmarket in the middle ages.

Wygstons house is the best preserved medieval house in Leicester.It was probably built in the 15th centuery>One of the windows in the house had the initials RW painted on it and it is thought that Roger Wygston may have lived here.Roger was a leading wool merchant who died in 1507.he was three times elected mayor and also represented Leicester in the parliments held in 1472 and 1489.However the initials RW could have also belonged to another rich merchant William Rowlat who was twice mayor of Leicester.

So therefore it is not quite clear who lived in the house but it has been mentioned that both men may have at some time owned the property.
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History of the House
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