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 History of the ram

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History of the ram Empty
PostSubject: History of the ram   History of the ram Icon_minitimeThu Feb 14, 2008 9:59 pm

Possible build date – early 11th century, but can be proven back to 1145. It was used to house masons constructing nearby St. Mary’s Church. Maybe slaves and children were also used for this purpose.

The Inn was once a Church House and housed the now famous “Bishop” in the Bishops room – It is not clear if there are separate spirits of a Bishop, a Priest and a Monk or perhaps it’s the same spirit interpreted differently by people who encounter the said spirit. Ancient maps show original building could be 3 times as large as today’s building.

There is a tunnel from the Fireplace in the bar to St. Mary’s Church – age unknown, and another to Lacock Abbey. These tunnels may have been used later on be Highwaymen and other wrong doers.

The site is built on an ancient pagan burial ground dating back over 5000 years and is also built on a crossing of ley lines.

Wottons last two Highwaymen frequented this premises and hid in the weaver’s attic.

There is good evidence of Devil Worship having been practiced at the Ram and also ritual sacrifice of children.
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History of the ram
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