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 Ghosts of the theatre

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Ghosts of the theatre Empty
PostSubject: Ghosts of the theatre   Ghosts of the theatre Icon_minitimeThu Feb 14, 2008 12:57 am

The Theatre Royal in Drury Lane, London, is supposedly the most haunted theatre in the world. The most famous ghost is the 'Man in Gray', who appears during the day in the auditorium.
The Man in Gray: This handsome ghost wears 18th-century knee breeches, a powdered wig, buckled shoes and a long gray cloak. He carries a tri-corn hat. His identity is unknown. In the 1800s, workers found a hidden room with a walled up body and fragments of the previous centuryís clothing. A dagger was in the skeletonís ribs. No record exists of a murder in the theater. One legend is that the victim was a dandy killed in an altercation about an actress.

Appearances of the Man in Gray are usually 9 AM and 6 PM, most often during rehearsals. At times, the he has been seen attending matinees. He walks across the balcony and vanishes in a wall. Sighting this ghost is a good luck omen presaging success. An offer to release the ghost was refused by Theatre Royalís management.

Charles Macklin: He was an Irish actor who, in a fit of temper accidentally killed performer Thomas Hallam during a scuffle about a wig. Macklin defended himself at the trial. He was found guilty of manslaughter. The sentence was a fine and cold branding, a punishment of imprinting a letter on the convicted personís thumb with a cold iron. His ghost haunts the halls backstage.

Dan Leno: The apparition of this comedic mime dancer, actor and singer who allegedly suffered from insanity haunts a dressing room.

King Charles II and attendants: These specters were seen in the audience of Oklahoma in 1948.

Freddy Fredericks: This chubby short ghost tends to the building and is generally seen at midnight. His image been captured on film.

Other Phenomena
American actress Betty Jo Jonesí performances in Oklahoma werenít going well. She felt something push her into a different position and lead her about on stage. After her acting improved, she felt an unseen hand pat her back.

Inexperienced actress Doreen Duke auditioned for The King and I. An invisible force helped her about the stage. She won the role. During rehearsals and on opening night, she felt the hands guiding her.

Some think these incidents were done by the spirit of Joe Grimaldi who died in 1837. He was a pantomime and harlequinade clown and singer who helped aspiring performers in life.
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Ghosts of the theatre
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