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 ghosts of the castle

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PostSubject: ghosts of the castle   ghosts of the castle Icon_minitimeTue Feb 12, 2008 9:38 pm

The phantom lady.
The unknown figure of a lady has been seen gliding through the Sculpture Gallery within the castle. She is seen quite frequently by visitors and staff alike who get a fleeting glimpse of her before she disappears.

The soldier.
The spectral form of a soldier dating from the First World War has also been seen at Bodelwyddan Castle. He has been seen throughout the galleries within the building and was perhaps at the castle during the times it was a hospital.

The corridors.
Within the castle are numerous corridors leading off to all types of fascinating areas and it appears these are still being walked by the ghosts of long ago; several incidents involve seeing the shadowy figures of people walking up and down the corridors and of hearing the sounds of footsteps.

The Blue lady.
The Blue lady is a mysterious soul who is most often seen walking through the area of the castle known as the Terrace Tea Room. It is thought that she may have lived at the location, although nobody really knows who she might be.

Other phenomena.
Amongst other strange events recorded here are unexplained noises and light anomalies. Also cold-spots have been experienced within the castle as well as a few reports of actually being physically touched by unseen hands.
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ghosts of the castle
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