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 Ghosts of the museum

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Ghosts of the museum Empty
PostSubject: Ghosts of the museum   Ghosts of the museum Icon_minitimeWed Jun 18, 2008 10:03 pm

The aircraft museum is said to be haunted by the ghosts of the pilots and ground crew who served at the base when it was used during both world wars and by the pilots of the planes which are now on display there.

It is also believed to be haunted by the ghosts of Roman plague-victims who were buried there.

One of the more famous museum ghosts Trevor says the group came into contact with was that of Czech collaborator Gustav Pultiz, who was sent to Britain by the Nazis to steal a plane.

Posing as a pilot fighting for the allies, he gained access to the airfield and took the base commander's personal Hawker Hurricane.

But he came to a nasty end when he was killed by the Czech underground at the end of the war.

Trevor said: "We picked up the Czech pilot that was there the spy who was captured.

"When we were there one of the group said they started to feel tight round the throat it wasn't until afterwards that we found out when he was executed he was hung."

Dark figures that come out of the darkness towards you, disembodied legs seen walking amongst the aircraft, sounds from another time and poltergeist activity have all been witnessed and encountered at the North East Air Museum.

A man called Shaw, a pilot who was once based at RAF Usworth, is reported to wander around the museum and it's hangers. His journey eventually leads him into the workshop, where his footsteps can be heard, and into the adjoining canteen where a cupboard containing the smashed up parts of an old engine can be found. Shaw, allegedly, died in action and when people retrieved his corpse from the wreckage of his crashed aeroplane, they found everything was present - except his boots.

Shaw can be spotted around the North East Air Museum - or at least his legs can. There have been numerous reports from witnesses claiming to have seen a pair of black-trouser legs (no boots) walking around the main hanger when people have looked underneath and through the aircraft stored there. It is also said that Shaw calls out for people asking for help - perhaps to help him find his boots? - and also is said to throw things at people to get their attention.

There is also a story of a woman and a man connected to the site from when it was a World War II airfield. Her husband was away fighting for King and country on some campaign during the war and the lady - sadly we have no name for her - was having an affair with another man based at RAF Usworth. She used to meet with him within the main hanger as previously there was a medical center attached to it - perhaps she was a nurse stationed there? Unfortunately, they both died in a car accident and they can be heard talking to each other as well as seen walking together throughout the hangers and are also said to be responsible for flashing lights in the hangers.

Another story told be the staff at the museum regards a spirit they call George. It is said that one hot summer during the war the man whom they call George, was sunbathing on the roof of one of the hangers, fell asleep and then woke with a start, rolled and fell to his death.

Finally, there is the story of Frank. There are 3 Franks associated with the site but the Frank we are interested in had an injured leg and used to get around with the use of a walking stick. There have been many reports of the click-click-click as Frank still walks around the hangers using his stick for support, today.
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Ghosts of the museum
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