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 History of the park

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PostSubject: History of the park   Sat Feb 16, 2008 5:51 pm

Bradgate Park is known to have belonged to the de Ferrers family of Groby in the thirteenth century. Later owners included the Greys, most notable of whom was Lady Jane Grey, who was Queen for nine days following the death of Edward VI, and prior to being imprisoned in the Tower of London, accused of treason and beheaded.
The folly at the top of the hill is called Old John. This is believed to be named after an old retainer of the fifth Earl of Stamford, who erected it in his memory after John, the retainer, was killed accidentally here.

The park is in the middle of Newtown Linford, a village whose name appears to be the source of some confusion. "A new hamlet by the ford under the lime trees" seems somewhat less likely that the more obvious "New town by the ford over the River Lin". However, in both cases, all things are relative, and "new" in this context means some time in the thirteenth century.
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History of the park
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