We are a small group of paranormal investigators.With a medium and parapsychologist.We have some unique venues that take us to places sought after by many other paranormal groups.We go where others fear to tread.
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 Reports of this location

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PostSubject: Reports of this location   Reports of this location Icon_minitimeSat Feb 16, 2008 5:34 pm

read all the things that happened on our investigations.
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PostSubject: Re: Reports of this location   Reports of this location Icon_minitimeMon Feb 18, 2008 12:10 am

Breedon on the Hill.

Whilst driving up the long and winding road approaching Breedon you can see it all lit up and looking extremely beautiful.

We made our way up the path way and on approaching the church Lee and a few others of the group looked into the church yard and saw around 5 to 6 shadows of people standing around a grave stone. Lee opened us up just outside the grave yard and we made our way into the church grounds.

We slowly walked very carefully around the grave stones until Lee stopped and picked up a name. A couple of other people saw someone standing looking in a shadow a tree. The man was seen to be leaning to one side looking towards us there was a eerie silence around us apart from the breeze which strangely stopped then after a period of time picked up again.

Lee was drawn over to one place and came out with the details of the man and his name which some of things being said at that time didnít appear to make sense. Myself and Dawn felt a very shortness of breath and our throats appeared to be closing up and we found it very hard to breathe and be comfortable. On walking towards the corner of the grave yard we discovered a hut like building with a tin roof which contained tools and things but as Lee approached he didnít feel comfortable going towards it

We made our way towards a gate which took you into a kind of pathway on the side on a field but on approaching it Dawn felt she couldnít go down and through it so a couple of us stayed behind while the rest of us went to see where it went. On walking down there which I must say didnít feel very nice, Rachel turned to me and said to me in a throaty whisper donít go down there, we shouldnít be going down there and she repeatedly said this getting more agitated and at times refused to move further without my help the nearer we got to the end the worse she got saying bad things happen down there. We made our way back and as soon as we went back through the gate she started to cry but felt ok again.

On standing back this side I felt two sharp pains in my chest which made me double over but felt as Iíd been shot. A couple of people felt as though they could see faces looking out of the church window, but this was locked up. When some of us were seated on a bench some of us thought the inscription on it was French but on reading again we discovered it wasnít. While we had been down the path Dawn had found a gravestone with the name on it of the one Lee had picked up and on showing Lee we found out what Lee had said earlier had all now made sense and what looked like a shed could be in fact be a air raid shelter.

We ended the night doing a sťance and as we all stood in a circle across the grave yard we all could see the shadow on a man again standing back by the same tree. As we called out the wind picked up and whipped through as but as we stood still the wind just suddenly died down. We could also hear foot steps to one side of us, also whispering could heard.

We ended the night here and on further investigation on the computer we could understand some of the information given to us. It would be interesting to go back and visit in the day as it is a very beautiful church and well worth a visit.
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Reports of this location
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