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 The pyramids power

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The pyramids power Empty
PostSubject: The pyramids power   The pyramids power Icon_minitimeThu Feb 14, 2008 7:15 pm

The geometry of the four sided conical shape is alledged to create supernatural powers Pyramids are structures found throughout the world and are thousands of years old.they are thought to have been built for ceremonial purposes or as berial chambers.
various occult theories suggest that they were used for initiation into sacred mysteries or were the focus for cosmic forces.

According to the Egyptian book of the dead the power of the pyramid awakens the god who sleeps in the persons soul..

pyramid power is the belief that sitting beneath a pyramid shape can anrich a persons psychic and healing power.It is thought by some that pyramids act as repositories or transformers of the earths magnetic energies and atmosphere.The unique shape of a pyramid sucks vibrational energy fromthe earth up to teh peak of the pyramid and at the same time cosmic or solar radiation is attracted to the peak of the pyramid and this effect is also known as a lightening rod.This energy produced supercharges the atmosphere within and around the pyramid.
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The pyramids power
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