We are a small group of paranormal investigators.With a medium and parapsychologist.We have some unique venues that take us to places sought after by many other paranormal groups.We go where others fear to tread.
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 Hotel Sophiendal Gods, Skanderborg, Denmark

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Hotel Sophiendal Gods, Skanderborg, Denmark Empty
PostSubject: Hotel Sophiendal Gods, Skanderborg, Denmark   Hotel Sophiendal Gods, Skanderborg, Denmark Icon_minitimeSat May 16, 2009 7:48 pm

This is a place that I have been staying in in the last 3 days. We were told that it is a haunted location. It used to be a castle but is now a Hotel/Restaurant. It is said to be haunted on the second floor and behind Room 30. In Room 30 it is known to have footsteps heard when there is no one there.
The Castle dates back to around 17th Century. I did take photos but I did not catch anything. Who these ghosts are is not actually known yet as no one has investigated this.
All the original staircases are in tact and there is one that leads to no where on the second floor outside the Room 30 that is said to be haunted.

Some of my colleagues have taken photos and so if there is anything on them then I will ask if I can post them.
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Hotel Sophiendal Gods, Skanderborg, Denmark
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